One of my favorite bands, The Revelers:

I see this couple dance every time I’ve been at the festival- they’re so much fun to watch!

The crawfish -eating contest:

I entered the Cajun waltz and two-step, as well as the zydeco competition, with a man I danced with a lot today, John- did not win, but all in fun- a gentleman from New Orleans tells me the judging is rigged, to select couples that appear to be tourists and having a good time, not necessarily the “best” dancers- well …I shall still treasure my plaques and my T shirt from 2012, no matter what!

I refilled my Roy’s lemonade cup five times today ($1.00 for unlimited refills)- his slogan:”if our lemons were any fresher.. you’d slap ’em” – when I explained this to Sheva when she was around 5, she thought it was hysterical – he’s a retired pharmacist who now travels to festivals selling his fantastic lemonade

My footsies are sore!! What a day – what joyous music! What excellent partners! I try my best to listen to my body, dancing on pavement and cement, stay hydrated – pretty hot sun- I take two naps in the shade, and actually leave,  fulfilled, about 6pm – I shower, then chill in my hammock -the campground appears to have a boy scout troop, the air is filled with the sound of children laughing and playing, one of my favorite sounds in the world – Duke and I talk on the phone- sounds like he will be able to come visit me before I leave for Zambia!

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