The sound of waves and wind were magical last night – but sure would have been more comfortable in my tent! I have coffee over at Matt’s  campspot, and share a great conversation – he is very personable, and I appreciate his open-mindedness – he has land in the Yukon, and has spent time in Mexico – we talk about Texas conservatism, the Trump administration, the art of traveling well, the environment, the effects of internet use on our brain development and society , our families- when the fog starts to lift a bit we swim – water temp is very pleasant – those holes in the sand were crabs! There are telltale piles of claw-printed sand tunneled out overnight beside almost each hole-

We wish each other safe travels, and I head out after a nice shower- not sure if I want to find a dance in the Houston area for tonight, or just go on to the Louisiana border – the roadsides are full of long-headed coneflower, or Mexican Hat -I pass the birthplace of Mexican general and politican Ignacio Zaragoza, who led the Mexican army to defeat invading French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862-
 I drive a few miles out of the way to see Schroeder Dance Hall just outside of Goliad, although I know it no longer has dances -it is listed as the second-oldest dance hall in Texas (and if you have been paying attention, remember which is listed as the oldest???)

The humidity is palpable, and it hits 89 degrees – I see massively huge rice silos- can’t quite identify some crops – strawberries? I’ve noticed when there are bilingual signs, the Spanish version is listed first, and is equally if not even more eloquently-written as the English translation- 

The Lone Star Inn  in El Campo seems like a good place to stop for the night, as I am beginning to crash from last night’s poor sleep- I’m about an hour west of Houston, and my spot at Acadiana Campground in Lafayette is a-waitin’ for me tomorrow night! Cajun dancing here I come🤠

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